Woman Turns Hay Bales into Artwork 

If you’ve been driving on I-95 North in Central Maine, you might have noticed some artwork. Virginia Jarvi was driving in the area a lot, and decided she wanted to make art with hay bales on a field that she always passed. She got in touch with the land owner, who is also an artist, and he loved the idea. Jarvi and her friends installed round, plastic sections on the hay bales and then started painting. Her theme is the upcoming election. ” As happens in art, one idea will always lead to another. It doesn’t happen that you know everything in advance, but once I figured out I wanted the red, white, and blue, I really wanted the yellow because it speaks about the troops, and the soldiers, about the war, about sacrifice and honor,” said Jarvi. Jarvi is dedicating the artwork to her father who served in the military. She says she doesn’t mind if people don’t pick up on her election theme, she just hopes people enjoy it and give it their own meaning.