Valley Grange Bookworms Pump Up Reading at Piscataquis Community 

Getting kids excited about reading can sometimes be challenging, but a group of self proclaimed book worms in Guilford is hoping to change that.The Valley Grange Bookworms stopped by the Piscataquis Community Elementary School on Wednesday to meet with second and third graders.For the last eight years, the volunteer group has come to the school to sit down one-on-one with students and practice reading a book of their choice.The goal is to make reading fun for them, so they’ll enjoy it as they get older, and it seems to be working.”That’s one of the reasons we went with second and third grade. We felt like it was a good opportunity to kind of get them hooked on reading,” said Walter Boomsma, Program Director of the Bookworms.So far, the kids have welcomed the group, as well as the reading.”It’s fun and I like to know what happens next in stories.””You can learn a lot about reading and reading is just really fun for me.”The Bookworms will be sitting down with different kids twice a week, working with each of them individually for fifteen minutes.