Private Community At Sea Visits Bar Harbor, Tourists Take Notice 

Some tourists come to Bar Harbor for the views of the ocean or to browse through the shops. This time of year, some come to see the foliage. But there was something in town on Wednesday that most people have never seen before and it made them take out their cameras.It’s called The World, a private residential community at sea housing between 150 to 200 residents.Leonard Shapiro, visiting Bar Harbor from Nashua, NH, said, “I read about this in the paper, we picked up the Bangor paper and we saw it and it seemed very interesting.”It’s interesting because most of us don’t live that way. Residents have travelled to 31 different countries in this year alone. Bar Harbor visitors were trying to see through the fog to get a glimpse at the ship.”To see how other people live, rich people, going around the world” said Wanda Merchant of Beals. If you live on board the world, you literally see the world. And after a long day of sight seeing, you don’t have to go back to your hotel room or campground, you get to go back home.Merdchant said, “I just can’t imagine living like that.”The residents of The World visited Eastport on Tuesday before Bar Harbor on Wednesday. They’ll travel to Rockland and Portland before leaving Maine’s coast. And while they’re here, because their lifestyle is so unique, they’re providing Maine’s tourists with one more sight to see.