Police: Girl Matching Description of Missing CO 10-Year-Old Jessica Ridgeway Reportedly Seen in Maine 

Police in Maine are looking for a vehicle that could be related to a missing 10-year-old Colorado girl. According to Dexter police, someone reported seeing a girl who looked like Jessica Ridgeway in Dexter on Sunday. The woman said the girl was in a light blue Buick station wagon with Colorado plates that pulled into the Dexter Variety store on Spring Street around 4:00 p.m.A store clerk told TV5 that surveillance video shows two adults left the car and entered the store, while two others remained inside the car. The clerk said it was hard to see what they looked like.Police have put out a call to all authorities to stop the car if they see it. We’re told someone also reportedly saw the vehicle in Harmony. In a press conference Wednesday, police in Westminster, CO said that while they are taking the tip from Maine very seriously, it is just one of many they are looking into.”We’ve received a lot of calls in our tip line about the focus and attention in the media on Dexter, Maine. We want to put out that we have received that tip, that we’re working with those law enforcement agencies, but we want people to be aware that this is only one tip in the hundreds we have received,” said investigator, Trevor Materasso.Jessica Ridgeway has been missing since Friday, when she left home to walk to school. If you have any information, or see the light blue Buick station wagon with Colorado plates, police ask that you take down the license plate number and call authorities.