Argyle Township Farm Owners Made Lifestyle Change Nine Years Ago 

It’s been nine years since a Connecticut couple decided they needed a lifestyle change.After Todd Sheerman was passed up for a promotion at his job, he and his wife Ann Marie decided to sell their house and head north.They farmed in Bradford for a few years, before making their way to Argyle Township and starting Abundant Acres Farm.They have chickens, goats and a family milk cow named Mrs. Murphy.Their main focus is raising and selling farm-fresh pork.”These animals are raised by hand, the animals are raised not on concrete floors. They have three fourths of an acre of pasture that they rotate between them,” said Ann Marie Sheerman.”When we came here, the only thing that was here was the barn and the house, that’s it. Everything was all grass and lush and green and we made it what it is,” said Todd Sheerman.They haven’t looked back since making the move years ago, and are happy to keep working on providing the best product for their customers.”We’re slowly making it into what it needs to be,” said Ann Marie Sheerman.”It’s a work in progress,” said Todd Sheerman.If you would like more information about Abundant Acres Farm, you can call them at 852-7887.You can also find them on Facebook..