The Pulse Morning Show Launching New Segment to Help Mainers Find Work 

A local radio station is doing its part to help Mainers find work. WZON’s “The Pulse” morning show has a new weekly segment called “Hire ME.” On Tuesday mornings, they’ll put someone on the air who’s looking for a job.Job seekers will be able to talk about their qualities and strengths and what kind of work they’re looking for. If an employer is listening and wants to hire that person, they can contact “The Pulse” and the radio station will put them in touch.”It’s like the first interview without actually having to look at the person. It’s also a way to find that employer out there that might be looking to hire that you don’t know. That’s part of the problem is you don’t connect with the people in the community that are looking for somebody, and everybody says it’s who you know and this way you can get to know them,” said host Pat LaMarche.LaMarche said it’s also a way to humanize the unemployment numbers we talk about so often. Folks featured in this segment will have the opportunity to talk about how they’re getting by and what their lives are like while being unemployed or underemployed.If you’d like to take part in the segment, e-mail [email protected] with your name, phone number, and what kind of work you seek.