Babies Loves Books Program in Carmel Geared Toward Success in Reading 

The director at Simpson Memorial Library in Carmel loves to share books, especially with the youngest members of her community.”I became interested in a babies program back about a year and a half ago when I was at a workshop in Augusta and they had a speaker about doing baby programs. Then I looked at setting up a program for this area,” says Becky Ames.Ames took a course on an interactive program with babies and toddlers that’s all about making little ones familiar with the fundamentals.”Literacy starts when they’re babies. Their verbal skills start the first basis for literacy and that builds right up to reading,” says Ames.For one mom involved with the program, incorporating programs like this one into her kids lives just makes sense.”Shannon loves books, so does my other child. We read to them as infants, and they just enjoy sitting and reading and looking at pictures,” says Aimee Laphner of Carmel.Ames hopes more children in Carmel and surrounding communities take part in the Babies Love Books program She says studies have shown that hearing words spoken as a baby will help them in the future.”Looking at programming, if I can build this space, if enough people would be interested in this space, this is a program that will help the kids when they start school, because they’ll already have that fundamental basis started,” says Ames.You can find more information about all of the programs by logging on to