11-Year-Old Maine Girl on Cover of National Magazine 

Emma O’Connor loves horses, she’s been riding since she was 7. ” I got lessons here for a couple of years and then I got my own horse,” said Emma. Her first horse died of cancer just 6 months after she got him. Emma got Fabio, the pony, but outgrew him after two years. Now, she has Fancy. ” She’s one of the sweetest mares I know. Most red mares have attitude and do stuff, but she works for me most of the time,” explained Emma. It’s always nice to have pictures of yourself doing the things you love, that’s where Jesse Schwarcz comes in. ” It’s a challenge, but it’s also very satisfying when you can make a client very happy when you get the perfect photo,” said Schwarcz, a photographer. Jesse and Emma know each other from the Penobscot Pony Club. ” Emma is a great little rider. She always has a smile on her face. She’s really easy to work with,” said Schwarcz. A picture Jesse took of Emma and Fabio is getting national attention. It is on the cover of Young Rider magazine. ” It’s pretty special to know kids across America are looking at me as Young Rider,” said Emma, with a smile. Jesse’s had pictures in national magazines before, but this is the first time for Emma, who happens to love the magazine. ” I got my first one when I was 8 at Christmastime, so this was kinda special to be on my favorite magazine,” said Emma. Emma has dreams of competing in the Olympics and she wants to be a trainer. For now, the 11-year-old is happy with being the face of Young Rider.