Saint Albans Holds Fundraiser for Local Grange 

Saint Albans was full of activity Monday.Avalon Acres Orchard and Farm hosted an all day fundraiser for the local grange.Joy Hollowell takes us there.====”My great grandparents, grandparents, parents have all been members of the grange and a lot of relatives.”Donna Beauchesne is Master of Saint Albans grange. It’s a family tradition she worries might not continue.”It’s is a dying organization like a lot of them that are out there,” says Beauchesne. “It was the heart of the community.”Now, the heart of the community is working to bring the grange back.Avalon Acres Orchard and Farm hosted its second annual Fall Harvest day Monday, with proceeds going to youth programs at the hall.”We’ve got a wool spinning demonstration, a rug weaving demonstration, we have crafters here,” says owner Wendy Sheriff.Members of the Nokomis Regional High School Junior R.O.T.C helped out with face painting, a scarecrow contest, pie eating contest, pie baking contest and more.”It’s just, you know, old fashioned kind of stuff and just giving people some idea what things used to be like,” says Sheriff.The way things used to be is the motivating factor for those running the grange. Family is the core of the group and members are working to bring that back to Saint Albans.”We want to try to have things going on at the hall to maybe bring them back to the staples of canning, sewing,” explains Beauchesne. “It’s just a family thing, it always has been and we just want to keep it going as much as possible.”+++If you’d like more information on the Saint Albans Grange, contact the Saint Albans Town Office at 938-4568.