Pittsfield Apartment Fire Displaces a Dozen Tenants 

A dumpster sitting on Middle Street in Pittsfield is now home to the belongings of twelve residents whose apartment building was ravaged by a fire, Saturday morning.”It’s been a nightmare. I just want to get out of here and get it out, and get out of here,” said tenant, David Halpin.He and his wife have spent the last couple days picking through the charred remains of their apartment.Patricia Halpin said, “We was able to salvage a few clothes that are going to have to be washed really good.”Around 12:30 a.m., the two had to run from their building when a grease fire sparked in a third floor apartment.”It was all flames and smoke,” described Halpin.According to Pittsfield’s Fire Chief Bernard Williams, a tenant had been cooking french fries when the grease caught fire.While no one was injured, the damages will be costly.Williams said, “Apparently, only one of the tenants had insurance. So, it’s kind of a sad situation.”The building owner was also uninsured.”I’d say it’s well over $100,000,” said Williams.Residents, like the Halpins, are staying in motels with the help of the Red Cross, but with little left of their home, they’re not sure how they will be able to rebuild.”It’s totaled in ours. Totaled third floor. Totaled, totaled ours,” said David Halpin.