Organization Collecting Household Item Donations 

Have some extra chairs around the house? How about a few pots and pans? A local organization is hoping to collect a lot of gently used household items this month. It might just look like a bunch of stuff, but it’s a lot more than that. ” When we originally started out it was just for the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter. In a matter of a few months it grew with the amount of donations and support and we can help all kinds of people now,” said Chris Olsen, volunteer team leader. Welcome to Housing started last year. It took over where a grant program ran out. Volunteers collect household items for people moving from shelters into permanent housing. ” We moved into a house and there was some left over furniture so instead of us keeping it, we donated it here,” said Dennis Rose, a volunteer. ” We get household items, we also get cash donations that we put aside so when there are things that are difficult to get donated we can purchase them at a discount store,” added Olsen. The group collects everything from mattresses to can-openers. ” We look at a can-opener and it’s like, wow that’s nothing, I have about three of those. For some of these families, when they see that, it means a lot to them,” said Rose. In less than a year, Welcome to Housing, has helped close to 100 people. It’s something that makes the volunteers feel good. ” So instead of him sleeping on a park bench with the money you gave him, he’s sleeping on a bed with a blanket and a nice warm place. I’d much rather give someone that than just give them some spare change,” said Rose. If you’d like to volunteer or donate to Welcome to Housing you can call Chris Olsen at 745-1287. There’s also a collection drive going on for the rest of the month. You can bring donations to the following locations:Friday, October 12th & Saturday, October 13th – 304 Stillwater Avenue Furniture, Bangor . Friday 4pm – 8pm. Saturday 9am – Noon. Friday, October 19th & Saturday, October, 20th – Marden’s 564 Wilson Street , Brewer. Friday 4pm-8pm. Saturday 9am – Noon. Friday, October 26th & Saturday, October 27th – Shaw’s Supermarket, 353 Main Street, Bangor. Friday 4pm -8pm. Saturday 9am – Noon.