Maine Farms Celebrate Open Creamery Day 

Dairy lovers were able to take tours of their favorite creameries around the pine tree state today.It’s part of the The Maine Cheese Guild’s annual Open Creamery Day.People can talk with cheesemakers in their creameries, meet their animals and learn the stories behind the 150 artisanal cheeses that are made in Maine.In all, 19 cheesemakers are participating, and one of those is the Balfour Farm in Pittsfield. The co-owners are excited for people to have their authentic Maine Cheese. Co-owner, Heather Donahue, said “Maine is not a cheese making state, at least it doesn’t come to mind as a big cheese making state like Wisconsin, New York or California, but actually we are second to New York State for the most artisan cheese makers in the country.”This is the second year the Balfour Farm has participated in this event. They also take part in Open Farm Day during the summer, which is sponsored by the Department of Agriculture.