19th Annual Paws on Parade Takes Over the Bangor Waterfront 

The 19th Annual Paws on Parade takes over the Bangor WaterfrontCanines took over the Bangor Waterfront Saturday Morning for the the 19th Annual Paws on Parade event. Dogs and their owners trotted around the Bangor Waterfront and along Main Street to raise money for the Bangor Humane Society. The event started 19 years ago as a fun way to promote pet adoption. Over 400 people showed up this year, not including their four legged friends.The Executive Director of Paws on Parade, Suzan Bell, said these dogs find a way to put a smile on her face year after year. “I know, even in my own home, when I get home from work, there’s those dogs. They love you, no matter what, no matter how bad your day is. This is a day when we can get them out, take from for a walk, and have fun with other dogs.”The parade wasn’t the only event. There was also an agility competition, a costume contest and a puppy runway show. The Humane Society hopes the parade will lead to more dog adoptions.