AARP National Tour Comes to Bangor Mall 

A national tour launched by AARP is making it’s way through Maine. Their slogan is, “You’ve Earned A Say.”Their bus stopped at the Bangor Mall Friday.Giving people a voice when it comes to medicare and social security is the focus of AARP’s nationwide tour.”The tour is here in Maine and we are trying to make sure that every Mainer has a voice in the future of these programs,” said Lorie Parham, the state director for AARP of Maine.An interactive event, folks get the chance to play games, win prizes, and fill out a survey to give their thoughts about the issues. “People really want to have a voice, but they’re not convinced that their members of congress, their elected leaders really care what they have to say,” said Parham.The future of social security and medicare is a topic they want people of all ages to be a part of.”I think any way that we can become more aware and younger people can become more aware in what they are involved in, I think it’s a good thing,” said Mae Applegate of Dover-Foxcroft.”It’s an issue that is very important to me because I am over 65 and I’m really worried about what I hear about what the future could be, so I thought it was a great opportunity to kind of give my opinion,” said Karen Tolstrup of Old Town.The information taken around the country will be compiled to be given to congress.”Every state will have a report and all of that information will be shared with congress and with the presidential candidates,” said Parham.They feel providing unbiased information during this election season is the best way for people to be heard. “We just want to make sure that they do have a voice and that it matters when the future of these programs is debated,” said Parham.