Triple Homicide Suspects Behind Bars Tonight 

Both suspects in August’s triple murder in Bangor are behind bars Thursday night.34 year-old Randall Daluz was arrested in New Bedford, Massachusetts Tuesday.31 year-old Nicholas Sexton was nabbed in Brockton, Massachusetts Thursday morning.Both are charged with three counts of murder for the deaths of Daniel Borders, Nicolle Lugdon, and Lucas Tuscano.Police say the three were shot to death. Their bodies were found in a burning car in a Bangor industrial park.Daluz was brought to Maine last night and arraigned in court in Bangor today.Daluz didn’t say much in court today, other than enter his not guilty pleas to all three counts of murder, and one count of arson.The arraignment was over fairly quickly, but for the families of the victims, it was difficult. Many of them became emotional as they saw Daluz walk in.Daluz’s attorney, Jeff Silverstein, described his client’s demeanor as sad and said he understands the significance of the charges against him.Silverstein said he only had a few minutes to talk to Daluz before the court proceedings today, so he couldn’t comment much on the case.During the arraignment, though, Silverstein expressed concern about the state’s wish to try Daluz and Sexton together. He plans to contest that motion.Assistant Attorney General Lisa Marchese explained that it only makes sense though for the court to do so.”In any sort of case you need the same evidence to prove them both guilty and the courts favor trying people in these circumstances together where they were together that evening and they are accomplices to one another.””That presents a situation that the Supreme Court has addressed as being an impediment to adjoiner. So, I need to look into that. Again, I only know what has been reported, but I think that issue has been generated and it’s something that needs to be explored.”Daluz is being held without bail at the Penobscot County Jail.His co-defendant in this case, Nicholas Sexton, who faces the same charges, is still in Massachusetts.Sexton was arrested around 4 Thursday morning in Brockton.He was arraigned today in Brockton District Court on a fugitive from justice charge, but he is fighting his extradition to Maine.That means he’ll be staying in Massachusetts until Maine prosecutors can get a governor’s warrant to bring him back here.Prosecutors in Massachusetts said Sexton has a pre-trial hearing scheduled down there for October 31st.He’ll be held without bail until then.There’s no word yet on when he could be brought back to Maine.