Friends of Penobscot Bay Introduce New Board Members in Searsport 

Penobscot Bay has some new people looking out for it. Friends of Penobscot Bay gathered on the Sears Island causeway that divides the bay to introduce new board members. They feel the range of experience the new board has is crucial to the bay’s future.”As far as I know, this is the first time that the tourism, clammers, worm diggers, scallopers, lobstermen and all kinds of people, are coming together to talk about the health and the ecology of the Penobscot Bay,” says Astrig Tanguay with the FOPB.They say the issues they want to focus on are the low-levels of sea life in the bay, waste erosion on the Stockton shoreline, and two centuries of chemical leaks around the water.They want to work with businesses and people of the area to keep the bay clean.”People want to keep this area healthy. I think that pollution that’s already out there that we know about that is still polluting, those are the things that we need to focus on. Take care of the old sources and of course be aware of the new sources,” says Robert Iserbyt with FOPB.What they don’t want to see in Maine is what has happened to other areas on the East coast.”We know that they’ve had a lot of problems with the chemicals, fertilizers, things that snuck up on people down around Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Long Island, and they’re definitely suffering because of the chemicals and circumstances and we don’t want to see that happen here,” says Sheila Dassatt with the FOPB.They want to help Maine be a place people keep coming back to.