Bangor Mall Patrons are Asked to “Take a Seat” 

The City of Bangor wants you to “Take a Seat.”The Cross Insurance Center is still under construction, but the seats that will soon fill the new venue are sitting at the Center Court in the Bangor Mall.It’s part of a test drive put together by the Hussey Seating Company, the designers of the new chairs, and Cianbro.The new seating was revealed Thursday morning. The red chairs have a new addition: cup holders on the back of each seat. Designers say this will eminate some cleaning cost.The Director of Sales for the Hussey Seating Company, Adam Pearson, said “Our focus is on comfort and durability. We want to make sure the spectator is pleased with their viewing experience and walks away saying ‘Gosh, that was a great event and a very comfortable seat.'”Hussey agreed to bring the seats to the mall so future Cross Insurance Center audiences can get excited for the opening next year. The plush seats will sit in the middle of the Bangor mall until the end of October.Seats will begin being installed at the Cross Insurance Center in November. There we be 8,000 seats in total.