The Town of Lincoln Discovers the Reason behind a Huge Budget Shortfall 

Miscommunication is what led to a $1.5 million budget shortfall in Lincoln, the Town Manager said. Town Manager Bill Reed said bad communication between management is what caused double booking, overestimates and underestimates. Councilors found the budget errors when they were reviewing the town’s budget.One $575,000 overestimate will now but road work projects on hold, but that alone won’t make up for the shortfall.Reed says they will nned to find more ways to maintain Lincoln’s stable tax rate. “The town of Lincoln has had very good financial planning in the past and luckily we will weather this issue. We’re going to be addressing the problem proactively over the next several weeks.”Councilor Steve Clay said “If there were errors made, we will fix them.” On October 15th the town council will meet to further discus the problem and possible solutions.