Eddington Woman Shares Story of Cookie the Dwarf Miniature Horse 

Audrey Bishop at Pioneer Farm in Eddington has a special story about a special little horse.”Cookie was born a dwarf with a lot of major dwarf characteristics like very short legs, body, massive under-bite, large head and compact body. Lots of people said that he should have been put down,” said Bishop.After Bishop met Cookie, she didn’t want to give up on the little guy. Cookie’s biggest problem were his hooves, which were four inches long and curved when he was born. After talking to a specialist, they thought the little guy had a shot.”I would massage his legs and rub his hooves and just lay with him and just one by one, he just started getting better. Between me and my husband, John and our farrier David, we’ve been able to get three of his legs working well enough, as you could see running around like crazy,” said Bishop.Giving this little horse a chance at an active life is something Bishop can relate to.”Cookie and I have a little bit in common,” Bishop.She used to be an avid rider, until complications from knee surgery.”I had surgery three years ago, on my left knee and it went bad and four surgeries after that, I now have a rod in my left leg that doesn’t allow me to bend it anymore,” said Bishop.Watching Cookie in action has become the best medicine.”It just gets me out of the house, gives me a reason to get off the couch and forget about my pain and it makes me smile when I come up here.Between his right leg and my left leg, I think it was just meant to be,” said Bishop.Bishop wants to share the joy Cookie has brought her by taking him to visit those who may need inspiration in their lives.”He’s got a lot of love to give and he can teach a lot of people that, you know, everybody’s not perfect and everybody isn’t always normal. He’ll never be perfect, that’s ok. I’m not perfect either, but who is?”You can find Cookie’s Facebook page by clicking here.