Surry Cancer Survivor and Community Helps Raise Money for Make-A-Wish Foundation 

When it comes to making a wish, one local 12-year-old knows how incredible it can be when it comes true.”I wanted a monkey. I really wanted a monkey, but that wasn’t going to happen,” said Sherry Hill.At least she had a back-up plan. Sherry Hill’s wish came true a few years back when the Make-A-Wish Foundation sent her and her family to Disney World.”We went in 2007 and it was the most amazing experience ever,” said Amanda Hill, Sherry’s mother.She got her wish after battling two brain tumors.After surviving the tumors, she wants to make sure another child’s dream comes true. With a goal of $300, Sherry is getting some help from her community. Her grandfather is the Surry Fire Chief and a member of the Red Knights, a motorcycle club made up of firefighters and their families, who ride for good causes. They’ve organized a bike ride to help Sherry raise money. Thanks to Facebook and word of mouth, what was going to be a small ride, isn’t so small anymore.”Simply, wow. We started off with maybe having a small club ride, and no matter what the weather, the numbers could be scary,” said Michael Locke, Sherry’s grandfather and Surry Fire Chief.”This has gotten much bigger than we ever planned it to be. We’re involving multiple clubs, multiple bike clubs, and we’re looking to raise a lot more than the three hundred dollars,” said Mike Sealy, vice president of the Red Knights Maine Chapter 3.Leaving those involved feeling a little awestruck and happy to help one girl’s dream come true again.”I think it’s awesome. I mean it’s very community oriented, the outpouring of love for Sherry, for me has been amazing,” said Johanna Forsythe, the Red Knights Road Captain.The Red Knights Make-A-Wish ride takes place Saturday morning.Riders will meet at the Surry Fire Station at 8am and plan on hitting the road at 9am.The ride is open to anyone and there will also be a cookout to follow.If you’d like more information on the ride or how to donate, e-mail [email protected]