Scallop Season May Be Restricted 

Scallop fisherman may be looking at a shorter harvest in the coming year.The departement of Maine resources is recommending a 64-day season, and imposing a 20 gallon daily limit on fisherman. Maine fishery leaders are hosting a series of public hearings on a proposed ten year plan, designed to rebuild Maine’s depleting scallop population.The proposal outlines three zones along the state’s coastline that will be open on a rotating basis, while 13-areas will be entirely closed to fishing. However some local fisherman, like Roy Whalen, believe they are best suited to solve the issue, “The fisherman do a pretty good job themselves, and mother nature. There are a lot of scallops coming back in places and its time to fish on some of them. In places like Gouldsboro Bay, I think they’ve waited a bit too long.”There is a final public session on the upcoming scallop fishing season, taking place Wednesday night in Wiscasset.