Local Business Owners Learn About Financing 

Local business owners are learning what it takes to finance their businesses.Eastern Maine Development Corporation is hosting a series of workshops, focusing in the needs of small businesses. Tuesday about 20 people took part in a session in Bangor. They found out about different ways to get money to either start or grow their companies. Katherine Fernald, the president of MDI Yacht Transport, says she gained a lot of confidence from the workshop, now that she has a better understanding of how to acquire more capital.”It’s hard with the economy the way it is for small businesses that have dug a little hole and are trying to hold on and want to be here for the long run in the state of Maine.”Roxanne Jobe with EMDC says, “There’s a lot of different options out there and what we hope people will take away is no matter what you need, you can come to a place like EMDC and we’ll help them determine what’s the product for their business.”Some of the upcoming workshops will discuss hiring new employees and what to expect when your business expands.You can find out more information by logging on to and checking the events page.