Goldfish Put in Private Pond to be Killed by State Biologists 

Someone put goldfish in a pond in Ellsworth, and now state biologists have to kill the fish. It’s illegal to have goldfish in ponds in Maine. State biologists say it’s because if they get out of the private pond and into state waters it can cause problems for other animals. Biologists went to the pond Tuesday afternoon to kill the fish, but found out they’ll have to wait until next year. “We just had a big rain event, it’s put a lot more water in the pond and there is a considerable amount of outflow and the water will stay toxic here for three to four weeks and that has a concern for us as it moves down in the outlet and other waters that it would come in contact with and the other species it might kill in those other waters and that’s against our DEP permit,” said Gregory Burr, a regional fisheries biologist. The treatment used to kill the fish is a natural plant by-product that’s only toxic to gilled, breathing creatures. Biologists tell us there’s not other effective way to get rid of the goldfish because they have to ensure all of them are dead.