Bangor Remembrance Walk to Honor Lives of Lost Babies 

A local group that helps parents heal after the loss of a baby is hosting a benefit walk later this month. It’s designed to raise money for support services and raise awareness about coping with such a devastating death. “Everyday you’re reminded, so you don’t get over it. Everyday you’re reminded that you had a child that’s not here anymore.”Four years ago, Erin Guimond’s daughter, Katelyn, died just 18 hours after she was born. “I work at Eastern Maine Medical Center and that’s where I lost Katelyn and you hear the baby chimes and you’re reminded every single time that somebody’s bringing home a baby and you’re not.”With the help of a local support group called Empty Arms, Erin’s learning how to handle that pain and how to honor her daughter. She created a special toy box at EMMC for parents of other preemies and now her husband Jared and son Jack can even celebrate Katelyn’s birthday with their family.Tara Smith with Empty Arms says, “Everybody’s situation is different but the feelings of emptiness and the sadness you experience are so overwhelming it can be earth shattering. When you feel so alone in that time to know there’s somebody out there who’s been in your shoes and they know exactly what you’re going through, that is so comforting and it’s the first step toward healing.”This month, those steps include a remembrance walk in Bangor. Smith says she hopes it will let more people know about the support that’s out there. “It’s a time for everyone to come together and to allow their family and friends to also come and just celebrate their babies and remember their babies that they’ve lost.”But still love. “I love talking about my children. I have two. I have one here on earth and I have one up in heaven. And I just wish people would just be more aware that just because they’re not her earth doesn’t mean you don’t want to talk about them.”The Empty Arms Remembrance Walk is Saturday, October 13th.It’s a 1-mile through Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor, starting at 9 a.m.. For more information and a registration form, you check out the group’s Facebook page – Empty Arms Healthcare Charities. Or log on to