2012 Fireball Run Hits Bangor 

These drivers started this race started in Independence, Ohio. They’re getting closer to the finish line, but this isn’t your typical race. This is the 2012 Fireball Run. It’s made up of 43 teams with an important mission: helping spread awareness about missing children.”We’ve just been on this big rally where we’ve gone almost 2,500 miles where we’ve been distributing flyers. Each team has a a missing child assigned to them and each team is given 1000 flyers, so 40,000 flyers have been distributed and through this program almost 40 children have been recovered,” said Kelly Kaminski, a two-time world champion rodeo barrel racer.”We’ve already found one or two on this trip and we usually recover about 25% of the children we’re looking for, so we’re hoping to at least get five or ten off this trip,” John McBride. a retired astronaut.One of Maine’s missing was one of the children sponsored.”Timber Tina and Carol-Ann have been representing Ayla Reynolds in their over-arching mission while they’ve been out on this for the last eight days, yes, they’re having fun, yes, they’re meeting people and learning a lot of great things but they’re getting the word out about Ayla Reynolds,” said Kerrie Tripp, the executive director at Greater Bangor Convention & Visitors Bureau.While they’re they have secret mission they have to complete, scavenger-hunt style all around Bangor. One stop brought them to Mansfield Stadium, where they played a little ball.They had a run in with the Brady Gang in downtown Bangor.And, of course made a stop at the Thomas Hill Standpipe.”What the contestants are doing is they are coming all the way up the standpipe, all 100 steps and when they get to the top they’re looking at a panoramic view of the top of Bangor and at the end of their journey, they will be shaking hands with Mr. Chamberlain and taking a picture holding one of his swords,” said Jennifer Pictou, the executive director at the Bangor Musuem and Center for History.The even is even being made into a movie by Universal Studios.At the end of the day, drivers crossed the finish line with during a parade on Main Street, where even though it was cold and rainy, it left drivers with a feeling like this.”It feels warm and wonderful and exciting and I’m very pleased to have something to do with this great group of people,” said McBride.