Surprises and School Spirit at Nokomis Regional High School in Newport 

The school spirit at Nokomis Regional High School is already pretty high.As the this pep rally gets under way, two big surprises are about to unfold.”We’re presenting a woman named Pam Pyuer with 10,800 dollars for the wounded heroes foundation,” said Felix Thibodeau, JROTC Cadet First Sgt. and sophomre at Nokomis Regional High School.Felix Thibodeau has worked all summer to raise this money. A goal that seemed a little out of reach at first, but as time went on, Mary Nadeu realized Thibodeau had a shot.”As the summer progressed, I thought this kid’s going to do it. He’s raised an incredible amount of money and the organization that’s coming to receive it today doesn’t know how much money he’s raised,” said Mary Nadeau, principal at Nokomis Regional High School.”Me and three other cadets over the summer raised that money, a 100% of local donations by the public,” said Thibodeau.To say it was a small surprise to Payuer, the executive director of the wounded heroes foundation, a non-profit organization that aids military veterans, may be quite an understatement.She says it will make a big difference this winter.”It’s one of our biggest worries, other then making sure they have roofs over their heads, is that when the cold weather comes what are they supposed to do. You’ve got to have heat, so this money, this $10,000, oh my gosh, $10,000, will make us all wake up not having panic attacks in the middle of the might worrying about our families,” said Pam Payuer, But, the surprise was about to be for Thibodeau.He was given an award only seen by nine others in Nokomis Regional history.He was awarded Outstanding Leadership from the JROTC.”It brings tears to my eyes. It’s just amazing to think a 15-year-old boy would recognize the importance of this group and want to make a difference,” said Nadeau.