Bangor Police Chief Retires after Thirty Years of Service 

After 30 years of service to the city, Bangor Police Chief Ron Gastia is saying goodbye to the department.Friday was the last day on the job for the retiring chief.He says he has loved every minute of his job over the years, so the transition is going to be difficult.Gastia says he is confident the station will continue to do what’s in the best interest of the people of Bangor.We asked him what he will miss the most.”Absolutely the people here. I’ll miss the day to day contact and the relationships I have with the staff, not only here in this building, but certainly with the city itself, the whole city staff. But, the people here, you know, this has been my life, they have been part of my family for thirty years, whether they know it or not, and I will miss these contacts the most,” said Gastia.Gastia says he will be doing some soul-searching to figure out what his next career move will be.But, not before he enjoys a vacation.He also hopes the community continues to work as well with the police as they have in the past.