Brewer Fire Chief Celebrates His Retirement 

A longtime firefighter is hanging up his hat.Brewer Fire Chief, Gary Parent, is retiring after 27 years as a fire fighter. He was hired in the call department in March of 1982 and because a firefighter in Brewer three years later. The worked through the ranks in the department. He became a captain and the in March of 2010 he was named chief. He’ll be leaving a legacy at the station. Him and other members community started the Brewer Public Safety Museum, which holds a piece of the south tower from the september 11th attacks. “A lot of people helped to work on that museum. I think it’s an important thing for the public to see. It’s our history, where we’ve been and where we’re going. I think that’s the best thing we’ve done,” said Parent.Co-workers admire his sense of humor, and like to rip on him every once and a while for being a Yankees fan. Parent plans to head south for the winter. He’ll be heading to Florida with his wife, but he says he’ll still come back to Brewer to enjoy the nice Maine Summers.