10-Year-Old Awarded Girl Scout Medal of Honor for Heroic Actions 

As a fourth year Girl Scout, Samantha Moore of Milbridge has earned a lot of patches.She said, “You learn how to do good things and you learn life long skills.”First aid is one skill she’s pretty good at for just 10-years-old, which she’s earned two different patches for.But it was her heroic actions at a recent community event that earned her a very special Girl Scout medal. Last December, Samantha rushed to the aid of a man who suffered a cardiac event and fell, hitting his head and shoulder. With the help of two medical professionals, Samantha was able to keep the man conscious.”She told me to hold pressure on his shoulder, hold the pack of ice on his head and keep him awake, talk to him to keep him awake,” said Samantha, describing that night.During the Girl Scouts of Maine “Pearls of Wisdom Luncheon” on Thursday, Samantha was awarded the Girl Scout Medal of Honor. It’s given to a scout who acts with maturity and training beyond her years in order to save a life.Her parents wanted to give something back in return for all of the gifts the Girl Scouts have given their daughter and other young ladies over the years. During the luncheon, Samantha’s mother Ruth Moore announced, “My husband and I hereby bequeath to the Girl Scouts of Maine the sum of $10,000 to be paid upon our death in settlement of our estate to be used for the funding of any Girl Scout or Juliette that is in need.”You could safely say that all of the women at the luncheon know why being a part of the Girl Scouts is special.Samantha said, “What Girl Scouts is trying to do is get more girl leaders in our society, but still Girl Scouts is pretty fun.”