Senator Collins Congratulates Students and Staff at Solon Elementary School for National Award 

Students and teachers at Solon Elementary School welcomed a special guest Wednesday morning. Senator Susan Collins stopped by to congratulate them on a big award. It’s not every day a senator visits an elementary school, so you know it’s a big deal when Senator Susan Collins shows up at Solon Elementary School. ” They are at the 93rd percentile in reading, that is extraordinary. The goal for the state is around 70 or 75,” said Senator Susan Collins. Solon Elementary School was one of only two in the state and 269 in the country, to be named a 2012 National Blue Ribbon School. ” These students are really learning a lot. I was very impressed,” said Collins. The students at the school are impressed too. ” I think it tells how we are great learners and how we just learn so much and how the teachers know so much that they can teach us, ” said Skyler, a 5th grader at the school. ” It’s a real honor because it means that our school had done good testing and has really high knowledge,” added Ashley, another 5th grade student. ” It’s a really good and great feeling,” said Shay, also a 5th grader. The students heard from Senator Collins about what her job is like, and then they got to ask her questions. ” The questions were tough ones and they were excellent,” said Collins. RSU 74 Superintendent Kenneth Coville and principal Jean Butler say the award proves how much of a community the school is. ” The students feel that they are cared for, that this is a place that is their place. That they’re going to school, that everyone here cares about them, ” said Coville. ” It’s very heart warming. It’s very rewarding,” said Butler. If you ask the kids, they’ll be quick to tell you who played a big role in this award. ” My amazing teacher. He has the best math skills in the world. He is the best math person ever. And our principal, she is a very good principal and helps a lot with our education,” said Ashley. ” Our teachers are so great and they really teach us a lot of stuff,” added Shay. For Senator Collins, she has big hopes for these students. ” I hope they realize they can be whatever they want to be and that a good education is key to that and they’re off on a tremendous start,” said Collins. The only other school in Maine to be named a 2012 National Blue Ribbon School is Hope Elementary School in Hope.