RSU 34 Superintendant Says No Confirmed Cases of MRSA at Schools 

Old Town High School has been dealing with an outbreak of impetigo.It’s a common skin infection that’s contagious.RSU 34 Superintendent David Walker tells us it started with a student athlete, and was passed on to about four or five students who have been treated.The impetigo outbreak did spark rumors of MRSA going around the school, which Walker says is not the case.”We don’t have any confirmed cases of MSRA. We are in contact with the Center for Disease Control everyday about this and making sure we’re doing the right thing. We’ve increased our custodial regimen making sure desktops and door hinges are cleaned everyday. But, it’s fairly common for an outbreak such as this and again, we’re watching it very closely,” said Walker.We’re told the infected students have been treated, are no longer contagious and are in school.