New Trombone Player Joins Glenburn School Band Thanks to Local Non-Profit 

10-year-old Miracle Redden is getting to know the instrument she’ll be playing in the Glenburn School’s fifth grade band. By Miracle’s second trombone lesson, she already has a handle on what she’s good at and what she needs to work on.”It’s hard to go from one note to another,” said Miracle.She has this trombone to practice with, thanks to a local non-profit organization called The Gifts of Music. Miracle knew she wanted to play the trombone, but her family just didn’t have the money to buy one.”We didn’t have a lot of money because my mom is the only one working and my dad’s going to school. My mom wanted me to be able to play an instrument without having to buy it,” said Miracle.The Glenburn School has a limited number of instruments for students to use during the year, which didn’t include an extra trombone for Miracle.”I didn’t think we were going to find another trombone because I’d asked other schools and I’d asked just out in the community, ‘Is there anything?’ and so when I came on this opportunity, I felt very blessed,” said Sarah WilliamsThe Gifts of Music had a trombone and through donations, the non-profit was able to pay to have it fixed, so it could be given to the school.”From now until Miracle goes through the 8th grade, she will have that opportunity to play trombone if that’s what she’d like to continue to do and then hopefully we’ll be able to help more kids as they come up through our program,” said Williams.It’s success stories like this one that the founder of the Gifts of Music, Susan Patten, hopes will inspire others to donate.Patten said, “If you have an old instrument hanging out in your closet that hasn’t been used for a while, we’d love to have it and we’d love to have community support in terms of donations to get those instruments fixed.”So other students who think they won’t be able to play in their school band, could experience their own little “miracle.”If you’d like more information or would like to donate, visit