Four Teens Arrested in Connection with Rash of Graffiti Vandalism in Bangor 

The words weren’t easy to make out, but the damage done to Frank’s Bakery on State Street in Bangor was clear.”It just saddens me that someone has to feel that they have to do this around town to get their kicks,” said owner, Bernadette Gaspar.Wednesday morning, Gaspar came in to find graffiti along the side of her shop.She said, “They obviously need to get a job, so they can sleep at night.”Minutes away in downtown Bangor, a similar design was discovered by employees behind Rebecca’s on Main Street.Owner Rick Vigue told us, “It’s like, it’s like a losing battle. There’s just graffiti everywhere. They’re hitting the street signs and the buildings, and it’s really too bad the defacing that’s going on in the city.”The discoveries came just days after two synagogues on York Street were tagged with swastikas and upside down crosses. Bangor police arrested three seventeen year old boys and charged them for that crime, among others, Tuesday.”Those three will be charged with several instances of graffiti around town to include both synagogues on York Street,” said Sgt. Paul Edwards of the Bangor Police Department.Two of the teens, from Bangor, were charged with aggravated criminal mischief, which is a felony, while the other, from Orrington, was charged with a misdemeanor.Following their arrest, one of them allegedly went back out with a group of friends and tagged more spots around the city, Tuesday night. Police charged him again, along with one other teen from Hampden.Vigue said, “It’s really disgusting, you know, everyone is trying to make the city look nice and the downtown area is looking really nice these days.”