Social Security Topic of Lunchtime Discussion in Bangor 

Some folks in Bangor learned more about social security Tuesday – an important issue for many voters this fall. The Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine hosted the event. It’s part of a series of lunch-time events called “Take Back Democracy”.Organizer say they’re designed to help people make informed decisions at the polls. The Associate State Director for AARP Maine talked to about a dozen people today. He says he doesn’t want to tell people how to vote. But he does want to include them in the conversation about a serious issue.”I think it’s vitally important and I think because Maine seniors, in particular, have one of the highest voting turnouts in the nation, that people are very interested in getting information that cuts through the clutter. You’re not going to get this information in a 30-second commercial from any candidate. This was an hour discussion about the details of social security.”The lunch series will be held each week until next month’s election. The discussions are Tuesdays from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Peace and Justice Center on Harlow Street.