Pittsfield Rite Aid Targeted by Robbers for Third Time in Past Year 

An attempted robbery at the Rite Aid in Pittsfield marks the third time that store has been targeted in the past year.Pittsfield Police Chief Steven Emery said a man entered the store just before 11:00 Tuesday morning.We’re told he handed the pharmacy clerk a note demanding drugs and stated he had a gun. When the pharmacist refused to give him any, he left.This same Rite Aid was robbed in May and in October of last year. In both of those cases, the robber got away with drugs.Chief Emery said it might be the store’s location that’s making it a target.”It’s right off the highway, it’s easy to leave your vehicle right on the interstate and run right over there and there’s a trailer park right behind it. That’s where they usually seem to head,” said Emery.Based on surveillance video, police are looking for a man in his thirties with a mustache. He was wearing camoflauge pants, a tan shirt and a bandana when he entered the store. Anyone with information is asked to call Pittsfield Police at 487-4439.