Farewell to a Member of the Sorrento Fire Department 

In the 1970’s something very special arrived in the town of Sorrento. Now, it’s heading back to it’s original home, but it will never be forgotten in Maine. There’s a very special lady in Sorrento and she’s a big part of the fire department.” Been in active service here in the town of Sorrento for 36 years,” said Joey Clark, Sorrento’s fire chief. ” She’s had a long history of fighting many fires here.” This isn’t her hometown though: that honor goes to Far Hills, New Jersey. Oh, and did we mention, “she” isn’t a person. ” I was 11 years old when we got this truck and I’ve been on this truck ever since,” said Clark. Clark loves the truck so much that he wanted her to be back where she belongs. ” I got a call from him and he said, we’ve got your old 1953 Mack and you get kinda taken back, like , oh, yea right,” said Brian Basset, fire chief in Far Hills, New Jersey. The two chiefs worked out a plan to get the old truck back to New Jersey. ” It means a lot to me and it means a lot to my boys. We feel like we finally got her in a home to be proud of,” said Clark. The truck will be hauled from Maine to New Jersey. Three decades ago when it came to Maine, it was driven, by Buddy Trundy. ” I wouldn’t do it again, but once in a lifetime it was worth doing,” said Trundy with a smile. The guys in New Jersey will shine her up even more than she already is.” In the condition that this truck is in, original condition, it’s unheard of and it’s very hard to come by,” said Bassett. The truck will be on display in a fire museum in New Jersey. Sorrento’s fire chief tells us he’s already planning on making a trip down to visit.