No Charges Filed in Warren Shooting 

A 19-year-old man who shot a man in the chest last month in Warren will not face any charges. Authorities say two men got into an argument that got out of control.The 19-year-old son of one of the men reportedly shot the other in the chest. The teen told detectives the man threatened to kill him, so he shot him in self defense. Knox County District Attorney Geoffrey Rushlau has determined that the teen used deadly force in accordance to Maine law, and will not be charged. In a press release, Rushlau stated,” Under Maine law a person is allowed to use deadly force upon another when the person reasonably believes it is necessary and reasonably believes the other person is about to use unlawful, deadly force against him or a third person. The discharge of the firearm in this event constituted use of deadly force.” The release went on to state, ” This decision to decline prosecution is based exclusively on the application of Maine law to the event constituting use of deadly force. The decision is not intended to and does not contain any opinion on whether other actions could have been taken which might have eliminated the need to use deadly force.”