New Poll for U.S. Senate and Presidential Race Released 

A new poll shows Angus King’s lead is slipping in his quest to represent Maine in the United States Senate, and Cynthia Dill’s is rising.The results of the Maine People’s Research Center Poll show King with nearly 44-percent of supporters.That’s down from 55 percent support in a Portland Press Herald Poll conducted by Critical Insights in June.The Maine People’s Research Center Poll was conducted over three days in mid-September.It also shows nearly 15-percent of likely voters supporting Dill.June’s Critical Insights Poll showed support for Dill at 7 percent.Meanwhile, the percentage of voters supporting Republican Charlie Summers doesn’t appear to be changing significantly.The MPRC Poll shows Summers at about 28 percent: he was at 27 percent in the June poll.The latest poll also shows President Obama ahead. 53-and-a-half percent of those polled in Maine say they want President Obama in for a second term.That’s compared to 37-percent backing Mitt Romney.