DA: 10 Year Old Charged with Manslaughter will make Difficult Case 

Three month old Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway was found suffocated, bruised and with ADHD medication in her system, all because of a ten year old girl, according to state prosecutors.”It’s a unique sort of situation, and it’s going to be a difficult sort of situation for the judge involved and all the parties as to what should happened,” said Chris Almy, District Attorney for Penobscot and Piscataquis counties.Almy isn’t prosecuting the case, but gave insight into how it will play out.He said, “It will change the way the case is handled in its entirety.”The ten year old will be tried as a juvenile, which limits the court’s options on sentencing to probation or incarceration until she’s 21. According to Almy, one of the deciding factors will be the testimony of Brooklyn’s family.The DA said, “You need to talk to the baby’s mom, the victim’s family in this case, to find out what they think should happen because I think that’s going to play a big role in the outcome of this case.”In a past interview, Nicole Greenaway expressed frustration that the ten year old was taking all the blame for what happened.Greenaway said that on the night of July 7, when Brooklyn died, she had left her in the care of her friend, 30-year old Amanda Huard, who is also the ten year old’s mother.Brooklyn’s mother told us, “She left her with a ten year old. Why in the world would anybody leave a three month old with a ten year old? I don’t understand.”So far, no other other charges have been filed in this case, though.”I feel she does need to be held responsible. She does need to have charges pressed on her. She neglected my daughter,” said GreenawayHuard’s daughter will appear in court October 22.