Brownville Woman Accused of Murder for Hire Plot Appears in Court 

Wendy Farley, 46, of Brownville has been plotting her husband’s murder for years, according to court documents.Farley is charged with solicitation for murder and made her first appearance at Piscataquis County Superior Court, Thursday.She was arrested Tuesday after police said a recording caught her asking friend, Mike Anderson, to shoot her husband in exchange for thousands of dollars. A court affidavit said she told him to make it look like a hunting accident. The documents said when Anderson asked Farley why she wanted him dead, she told him, “He’s out, he’s gone, I’m free. Kids can grow up unafraid to be kids.”In it, she said her husband was always “complaining at them.”The affidavit said she told Anderson she’d been thinking about killing him for years, and had even researched how to poison him.According to the report, she told police she wasn’t in love with her husband any more, and that the two had emotional issues. Police said she admitted to having multiple affairs.A friend of Farley’s, Merry Burton, was in court Thursday and addressed the media outside. She said she has known Farley for about a year, and there has to be a reason for what she did.Burton said, “There’s got to be more to the story. You don’t know somebody until you live with them behind closed doors, per se. So, how would we know?”Piscataquis County District Attorney, Chris Almy, said Farley’s husband is still trying to process what happened.”He seemed shocked and he’s just trying to cope with this situation. It’s difficult. He’s doing the best he can,” said Almy.Farley is being held on $10,000 cash bail.If released, she cannot have any contact with her husband or Anderson, but can see her thirteen children.The visits with the ones under eighteen would have to be supervised.