Big Surprise for Pittsfield Kindergarten Student 

It’s storytime in Mrs. Peasley’s kindergarten class. The book of the day is Hero Dad. For one student at Manson Park School in Pittsfield, it’s more than just a story. ” I haven’t seen her in a long time, ya know, it’s been 8 months since I got to see her,” said Daniel Riendeau. U.S. Army Specialist Daniel Riendeau is about to bring Mrs. Peasley’s storytime to life. Jyllian Riendeau, 5, had no idea her dad would be at the school. He’s been in Afghanistan for nearly a year. ” I really can’t even describe how hard it is. It’s easy to do it because it’s your job, but being away from her makes it really hard,” said Riendeau. They’re together now, and have a lot of catching up to do. ” She reads now and she wants to learn how to go horseback riding. That’s one of the things she’s really excited about and we’re gonna get her on a horse,” said Riendeau with a smile. Daniel and Jyllian do get to talk on Skype while he’s deployed, but nothing beats holding his little girl in his arms. ” That’s what I went over there for, ya know, to make a better life for my Jylly,” said Riendeau. So while the entire kindergarten class gets to read Hero Dad, Jyllian gets to live it.