Students Surprised by Musical Performances on UMaine Campus 

Students at UMaine took a break from the books, even eating lunch, to listen to a little music Wednesday. But it’s not what they had planned. A series of pop-up performances caught their attention, designed to turn them on to the arts.It’s an orchestra, unlike any other. And they love to share their one-of-a-kind sound in surprise fashion. Asphalt Orchestra Co-Director Ken Thomson says, “It always takes people a moment to adjust from what’s going on here – there’s noise here to actually enjoy it and have a good time.”Student Kevin Conroy agrees. “Something like that happens, you’re gonna pay attention – like what the heck’s happening?”The Asphalt Orchestra took to the streets and dining halls of UMaine to get students excited about their upcoming concert on campus.The New York City marching band combines classical, jazz and rock music in a way most have never heard.Thomson says, “It’s really a good way to get people involved and interested and also get people to listen to music that they might not have thought about listening to when they’ve got their headphones in eating lunch.”Organizers with the Collins Center for the Arts say these unexpected performances are a different way to reach out to students, especially freshmen.Adele Adkins, Associate Director, says, “This was a perfect fit, these flash mob concerts. So that people who didn’t know about us now know about us and are excited by this group.”And hopefully excited about another form of entertainment. “It’s actually a lot of fun because we enjoy just getting in peoples faces and having them hear real instruments, which is kind of rare for people to hear nowadays.”The Asphalt Orchestra performs Wednesday night at the Collins Center at 7 p.m.Students get in free. For a complete season schedule, log on to