Man Who Alerted Police to Alleged Murder for Hire Plot Talks to TV5 

A man who said a Brownville woman tried to hire him to kill her husband told us he thought it was all a joke at first.Mike Anderson of Milo said Wendy Farley, 46, offered him a lot of cash in exchange for her husband’s death. Farley was arrested Tuesday and charged with criminal solicitation for murder.Anderson spoke with TV-5, and told us he didn’t believe Farley, a friend of his, was serious at first.”I thought it was a joke, joking around, just kidding, but she came everyday, everyday, two times a day,” said Anderson.While he wouldn’t elaborate on their conversations, or layout a timeline of the visits, he said it was clear she wanted her husband dead. Anderson said, “She was serious, serious as a heart attack, stone cold serious.”Farley never gave a motive, according to Anderson, and he did not want to explain to us how or when she allegedly wanted him to kill her husband. Their meetings, which Anderson said occurred recently, alarmed him enough to go to police, who set up a sting operation. Authorities with Brownville and Milo Police Departments said recorded conversations gave them enough evidence to arrest Farley.”I couldn’t see any reason for him to be hurt in any way, so there’s no justification for it,” said Anderson.TV-5 tried to talk to Farley’s husband at their home in Brownville, but the family had no comment.Anderson said he hasn’t spoken to any of them since Farley’s arrest.”I had to think about it hard, and it saved an innocent man’s life and kept 13 children with their father,” he told us.Farley is in custody at the Piscataquis County Jail and is expected to appear in court Thursday.