Bangor Assistant Superintendent Placed on Administrative Leave 

The assistant superintendent of the Bangor School Department is on paid administrative leave. A Department of Education investigation report states that Robert Lucy asked teachers at Orono Middle School to let some students “re-visit” their NECAP tests. Lucy was principal of the school at the time. The report states, in 2011, Lucy reviewed test booklets of six students. Some of the students had special needs. Lucy reportedly told two teachers to let the students give more complete answers. According to the report, testing protocol allows for makeup testing but only for missed sessions , not for individual questions not answered, or not answered completely. The students can only have a makeup session if he or she was absent, tardy for, or excused for the session, according to the report. The report states that none of the students who “re-visited” their tests met those requirements. According to a spokesman for the Department of Education, the affected tests will not be counted. ” On the results from that testing year, some of the results were invalidated which means that they’re not available, we can’t use them. Nobody uses them. We don’t use them for reporting to the federal government, they’re not used in reporting about status or progress of the school,” said David Connerty-Marin. Bangor Superintendent, Betsy Webb, tells TV 5 she did not know about the Department of Education report on Lucy until Tuesday. She said Lucy is on administrative leave, as is protocol, while the Bangor School Department reviews the situation.