EMMC Blood Management Program Draws International Visitors to Bangor Area 

A program at Eastern Maine Medical Center is drawing some international visitors to the Bangor area.Researchers and doctors from Western Australia were at EMMC on Monday to learn more about its patient blood management program.They have a similar program in Australia, but they’d like to see it improve.The goal of patient blood management is to avoid blood transfusions when possible.Monday’s meeting was an opportunity for both groups of doctors to learn from one another.”Eastern Maine Medical Center is recognized internationally as a center of excellence in patient blood management and so we’re very, very keen to come here and see the program first hand, how it’s working, how progress is set up, how it’s run and we’ve already seen some of the data on the outcomes, patient outcomes, which we’re very impressed with,” said Dr. Shannon Farmer, who works with the patient blood management program in Western Australia.Dr. Irwin Gross, Medical Director of Patient Blood Management at EMMC, said, “If we can avoid avoidable transfusions it’s lower cost, better clinical outcomes for patients. It’s very rare for you to have an opportunity in healthcare where you can get both.”Eastern Maine Medical Center will host a group from Switzerland next week. Those doctors are also interested in learning more about the program.