One Apple Orchard is Thriving after Spring Frost 

The Fall season usually brings a lot of pumpkins and apples for mainers to enjoy, but many orchards around the state are seeing fewer crops.That’s not the case for Conant Orchards in Etna, the owners say their business is thriving. Although, it was a nerve-racking Spring for the family-owned orchard.A frost came over the the area three nights in a row in the late Spring, that reduced the apple numbers for many farms across the state.Conant worker’s say they got lucky. They missed the frost by just a few degrees.Even though owners say business is good, there are other obstacles for the stand. Conant Apple Orchard Owner, Clinton Parsons, said “We’ve noticed with gas prices they way they are, people are not traveling from far, far away like they usually do. We do draw a crowed from all over the state and some actually from out of New England. So that’s down a little bit, but other than that, business has been good. It’s a great crop.”Last year, the apple crops around the state also had a shortage because of hurricane irene. However, most orchards around the state are open for business.