Mud Truck comes Loose from Tow Dolly on I-95 

Interstate 95 was shut down at exit 185 for almost 3 hours Saturday evening due to 2 different accidents.The first accident happened around 5:45. A vehicle was towing a mud truck from the howland mud runs and traveling southbound by the broadway exit.The a spindel on the wheel of the truck’s tow dolly came loose, and the vehicle being towed came loose and rolled over, resulting in dirt and mud all over the road way. No one was injured, but the mud truck was totaled.Police say the accident could have been preventing if the truck was on a trailer instead. Maine State Police Trooper, Daren Dittun, said “If a vehicle is being towed on a tow dolly, the tow dolly has to be registered or the vehicle in tow has to be registered. Being an alternate vehicle such as that, it should be on a dual axel trailer being towed.”The department of transportation was called to the scene to clean up the remaining debris from the mud truck.