Popular Maine Lighthouse in Bass Harbor Undergoes Restoration During Lighthouse Day 

There have many special things here in Maine, that people from all over come to see.One of them being the lighthouses that grace the coastlines.In celebration of them, 22 were open to the public for Lighthouse DayExcept for one of the most popular lighthouses in Maine, the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.”The light houses is still an active lighthouse. As you can see it’s still being worked on and renovated,” said Edward Pontbriand, Acadia Natinal Park Ranger.This beacon is run by the U.S. Coast Guard in conjunction with the Acadia National Park Service.Recently minted on special quarter, it’s become a very special place for many people.”It’s a national treasure. Hopefully, we’ll have it done by the end of this year, so that next year, it will be reopened for the public,” said Pontbriand.Although the public couldn’t get this close because of the construction, it didn’t stop people from coming out to see the beauty.The 32-foot lighthouse has been guiding vessels through the harbor since 1858.After all these years, it’s function, as well as other lighthouses all over the world, is still a vital one.”Lighthouses are still important for navigation for mariners,” said Pontbriand.The combination of the history and beauty that this sea-light provides, just keeps bringing folks back year after year.”We’ll be back next year to see it when it’s finished.”