2nd Annual Touch-A-Truck Event Helps Send Kids to Camp 

Trucks of all shapes and sizes lined up at the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor Saturday.It’s part of the 2nd annual Touch-A-Truck Fair, where all the proceeds from the event benefit Camp Capella. This year, almost 100 trucks, including fire trucks, snow plows and even mud trucks, showed up. The event gets children, who probably aren’t old enough to drive, familiar with the toy trucks they play with. Executive Director of Camp CaPella, Dana Mosher, said “The best thing about this event is that these kids can get up in the cab,g et behind the wheel of these things and they can find out what they do first hand. It’s an amazing event.”It cost a small fee for families to play with the trucks, but every dollar of that goes right back to Camp Capella.This year, they hoped to raise enough money to send a handful of people with disabilities to camp for next summer.