Steel from World Trade Center at Ellsworth Fire Department 

Eleven years ago, our country was attacked. Americans watched on TV as planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers in New York. A piece of those buildings is in Ellsworth. A piece of history sits in the parking lot of the Ellsworth Fire Department. ” This is an actual piece of the Trade Center that we got a couple of years ago,” explained Lt. Gary Saunders, with the Ellsworth Fire Department. The steel is usually inside the building, but on the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, it deserves a more prominent place. ” To remember those 343 firefighters who died that day, but also to remember the thousand or so people who have died since and are continuing to battle both the mental and physical effects,” said Saunders. Saunders says it seems like it was just yesterday the attacks happened. He’ll never forget what it was like to watch the attacks on TV at the fire house. ” It took me a minute to realize, geez, these are buildings that are on fire, ya know, what happened. As it unfolded, we found out that a plane hit the building, it was like, holy cow,” remembered Saunders. Saunders hopes displaying the piece of the World Trade Center will help others never forget what happened.